Our goal is to improve the therapeutic experience…we intend to develop and deliver medicines that are more effective and easier to use without the luxury price tag.



At Extrovis, we believe in the philosophy of ‘One Global Quality Standard and Right the First Time.’ Our teams meet or exceed the highest industry standards every time due to our dedicated, consistent and well-informed colleagues, and our highly pragmatic project management system that provides comprehensive prioritization, tracking, and scheduled notification components, while simultaneously protecting sensitive IP.

We are supported by a team with proven track record, over several decades, of taking a portfolio concept to the finish line of a successful regulatory filing and commercialization, including for complex products and unique technologies. And, we know how to bridge and leverage drugs developments for global extendability.

Differentiated Formulations

Our differentiated portfolio aims to fulfil unmet patient needs. We focus on unique drug delivery technologies and drug-device combinations designed to improve the efficacy, safety, patient compliance and convenience, regulatory compliance and bioavailability of drugs where absorption could be limited due to solubility, permeability, and/or stability pitfalls. Currently, we have several active developments targeted for filing in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Solutions for Access Markets

At Extrovis, we are fully aware and concerned about the challenges governments, healthcare professionals and patients face in diagnosing and treating life threatening illnesses like HIV/AIDS or malaria in developing countries. We are proud of our efforts to develop and supply high quality and affordable medicines for these markets, and committed to make a difference for those in need both by improving efficacy and ease of use over existing therapeutic options, without increasing costs.