Improved Healthcare by Innovation
Our vision stems from a deeper meaningful purpose from passionate minds – to improve healthcare by introduction of innovative, unique and differentiated therapeutic solutions. Our vision is built around an ambition not just to be an industry inspiration, but to be a dependable and durable partner guiding the development, manufacturing and supply of high quality pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms. As Extrovis we wish to stay true to our vision.


EXTROVIS is a fully integrated and differentiated global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland, with a strong portfolio offering encompassing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Finished Dosage Forms, and Differentiated Products based on Unique Technology Platforms and Custom Pharmaceutical Services. Extrovis’ state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities, as well as those seamlessly integrated by our partnership network in the US, EU and India, all comply with the highest international quality standards with accreditations from the USFDA, PMDA, EU and other global regulatory bodies.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

We understand that timely, cost-effective formulation development can depend on the right API, from the start. At Extrovis, we create quality and cost-effective APIs, in line with stringent regulatory guidelines, that are designed to integrate seamlessly into your formulation development, deliver superior pharmaceutical performance and ensure timely approvals.


We focus on unique drug delivery technologies and drug-device combinations designed to improve the efficacy, safety, patient compliance and convenience, regulatory compliance and bioavailability where absorption could be limited due to solubility, permeability, and/or stability challenges.

Research & Development

Extrovis R&D is based on a cross-functional approach, where we utilize expertise from multiple disciplines such as analytical, engineering, quality assurance, clinical and regulatory affairs, to deliver medium to highly complex APIs and Formulations ready to withstand the entire development process from concept to commercialization. With state-of-the-art work space and equipment spread over 500 sqm, and some of the most talented and experienced scientists in the industry, Extrovis custom synthesizes substances on demand.