Creating high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) at competitive prices is one of our core activities at Extrovis. We offer our API portfolio to leading innovator and generic companies across the USA, Europe, Japan, South America, Korea and other emerging markets. We have deep technical strengths in the development of complex APIs including long chain synthesis and semi synthetic based portfolio. Our expertise in intellectual property, regulatory affairs and strong portfolio strategies enable our customers to be the first-to-market or first-to-file (in the USA).

Products protected by patents in force are neither manufactured, nor offered for sale nor marketed in jurisdictions where such activities would constitute patent infringement. This brochure is purely for informative purposes and it does not constitute any offer for sale. This portfolio presentation reflects the products and/or technologies that are available, under development or under consideration at Extrovis AG, its partners and subsidiaries, as applicable. Some products may be developed or produced or internal and/or R&D purposes with no commercial aim.