Anya is a tomboyish girl obsessed with science and gives Peter a lot of flak (for being late). Due to the Marvel Universe's method for resolving time travel paradoxes, this story takes place in an alternate timeline. Anya was elated to be working with Natasha again, recalling the "Team Spy-der" that they briefly had with Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) during Avengers Assemble. Anya notices that the dagger has Totem text and reading it she learns that a Great Weaver is needed to mend the web and along with the others learns that the Great Weaver is none other than an older Karn. She finally managed to get the Red Hulk into the harbor, where he jumped into the water and seemingly disappeared, leaving a baffled Anya behind. The Thor attacks the Spiders and in a desperate move Caesar's Palace activates somewhat and saves them. Anya was almost fooled by Chameleon's imitation of Maria until Anya started asking questions about their other sister Angela and how Maria gave Anya a microscope for her first day at Horizon. Despite being part of the main cast, Anya has not received any form of merchandise in the toyline for, Fans speculate this is because of Marvel pushing a focus of Peter, Miles, and Gwen due to the success and critical acclaim of the movie. The character was created by Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, writer Fiona Avery, and artist Mark Brooks,[1] and made her first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #1 (August 2004) under the pseudonym Araa and later in Young Allies #5 (October 2010) with the codename Spider-Girl. Araa released and transferred the power of the Hunter to Spider Society member Nina Smith, yet Anya retained many of her superhuman abilities. In San Fransisco, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) called Anya, in need of her help with taking down an evil organization. Spider-Verse Heroes Araa and Spider-Man 2099 Go on a Cross-Time Team-Up in Araa and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow, Anya Corazon, AKA Araa, Gets Caught in the Web of Spider-Verse Unlimited, Web-Weaver, Hunter-Spider, and a Mystery New Spider-Hero Bring 'Edge of Spider-Verse' to Its Epic Conclusion, Sun-Spider, Spinstress, and More Incredible Spider-Heroes Swing into Action in 'Edge of Spider-Verse' #4, Gilberto Corazon (father), Sofia Corazon (mother, deceased). [5] The first issue of the mini-series was released one month after the final issue of the cancelled series, and one month after the mini-series ended Anya appeared in one issue of Avengers Academy. She is stopped and Amun runs. When an alien kidnapped Ms. Marvel, Araa came after her, but she was stopped by Agent Sum, he wanted to make a plan first. Personality Anya is a sarcastic, funny and really confident person. Afterward, with Spider-Man absent, Miles took it upon himself to train her, despite her opinion of him not being a very good teacher. [26], Writer Paul Tobin stated In an interview with Newsarama that as Spider-Girl, the character initially lacks superpowers, but Tobin will be "staying away from having her feel crippled by any power loss; it's for sure on her mind, but Anya is a character that wants to focus on what she can do." In The Us, Anya started to lived a normal life being a huge fan of superheroes, especially Spider-Man, with whom she has a crush on. Horizon High (Formerly After Begin Destroyed in Final Battle). Anya uses her Spider-Girl persona in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. [17], Anya gets into a fight with Gil for treating her like a child after Gil accuses her of seeing Ms. Marvel. She is voiced by Daisy Guevera. The Marvel HQ websites profile for Spider-Girl is written ambiguously to reference both her comic and television series origin. [43], During the Secret Wars event when all universes were destroyed and their remains formed a single planet called Battleworld, Anya and Spider-UK found themselves in the domain called Arachnia with no memories of how they got there. Anya manages to escape, and works with Reptil to rescue the remaining captives. Spider-Girl The half Puerto Rican, half Mexican Latina superhero who originally went by the name Araa, Anya Corazon acquired her spider-powers from a magical ritual performed on her by the secret Spider Society. Her character is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and she's always been represented in the comics with appropriately darker skin. Spider-Girl (Corazn) appears in 329 issues. send you an email once approved. Browse Marvel's comprehensive list of Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) comics. Sometime after the events of the Goblin Wars Anya change the colour of her Spider-Girl suit. Anya soon meets Amun who has enrolled at her school under the name Jon Kasiya. Miguel stops Anya from going after Jade alone with the promise that Anya can punish Jade afterwards. She is referred to as Spider-Girl, much to her chagrin. Ross drank his coffee first and started feeling the effects of impending heart failure but immediately turned into the Red Hulk, temporarily losing his mind and starting a rampage, but surviving the poison. Soon afterward, Anya fights Amun and, in anger, nearly strangles Amun to death. [12] A strike team led by Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man arrives at the home of Arachne's parents to take into custody. Marvel's Spider-Man premieres Saturday, August 19 on Disney XD. A noticeable difference from her friends spider-suits is Anya's preference for a cowl mask info a full mask. So. To save her life, the mage Miguel Legar from the Spider Society performs a ritual on her by giving her a spider-shaped tattoo that endows her with spider-like powers, and recruits her to be a Hunter for the Spider Society. She used her powers for good and is one of Peter Parker's allies. 3 Personality; 4 Appearance; 5 Relationships; 6 Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl; 7 Angela Corazn; 8 Powers and Abilities; 9 Powers; 10 Abilities; 11 . Anya described it to Natasha and the others over comms before she and Lucy mysteriously stopped responding. [50], In the MC2 continuity, an adult version of Anya Corazon as Araa, still accompanied by Miguel (sometimes being referred to as Michael), tests Spider-Girl, then covers for her, posing as a fake seer to throw the Hobgoblin off track when he tries to find her weaknesses. However, when using full armor, contact with water leaves her unable to breathe, forcing her to retract it. Anya remains Spider-UK's second on the team and his most trusted ally. Wall-crawling, proportional strength, speed, and agility of a spider, as well as a camouflage ability, and organic web shooters. Anya is a student at Horizon High along with Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales and Peter Parker. [10], In the one-shot Spider-Man/Araa: the Hunter Revealed, she discovers that her exoskeleton is not an ability from being a Hunter, and she has in fact never been a true Hunter. No Hunter before her has ever had an exoskeleton like hers. Anya was taken to a dungeon where it was revealed it was not just her alone taken captive, but Madame Web, Martha Franklin and Arachne were also kept prisoner. While trying to take it to the Negative Zone, Peter is taken to the creature's home universe. In season 3 Anya wears a sweater with a white polo shirt and necktie underneath it. While facing a gigantic monster summoned by the Wasps, she grants her Hunter abilities to Nina and renounces Webcorps. The promotional copy on the digest collection extols the character as Marvel's first Hispanic superhero. The character next appeared in the Ms. Marvel title as a recruit for service as a licensed superhero under the Superhuman Registration Act. Back at WebCorps, Miguel is revived upon being reunited with Anya, and Miguel tells her the organization's history that would eventually split into Wasps and Spiders. Although information Araa obtained from her father turned out to be a trap, the pair nonetheless bonded, and shared secret identities. In actuality, it was laptop and Anya saw through Chameleon's ruse. Luckily Spider-Man, as well as the former Spider-Woman now calling herself Arachne and Kaine, came to her aid. It's best not to get on her bad side, or she'll give you a verbal lashing. Anya and Amun develop a loose truce because Amun has lost his father as well, so he checks into Jade's possible involvement in Sofia's death. She next appears teaming up with Nomad to fight the secret empire in a backup story in Captain America #602-605. She gets everyone fighting the Wasps to temporarily assist the Wasps in fighting the spider invasion so the spiders cannot help Adriana Soria, allowing Spider-Man and the Avengers to defeat the Spider-Queen without being overrun by the spiders. This series is the second time Anya has been a teenager at the same time as Peter. Who Is Anya Corazon? [53] It is later revealed Anya and Black Tarantula have a personal history with one another, and they bond once more when the Tarantula is attacked by Spider-Girl's symbiotic clone April. He had his mind back and tried to explain to Anya that it was not him, but someone else who had poisoned her father. Facebook gives people the power to. Eventually, Anya joins the battle, and Doomsday Man rips away her exoskeleton, severely injuring her. Season Three: "Web of Venom" "Amazing Friends" "Vengeance of Venom" "Spider-Man Unmasked" "Generations" "Maximum Venom". She is most recognizable in her black and white suit, which features her brown hair in a flowing ponytail. for better or worse. Anya Corazon (also known as Spider-Girl and later Arana) is one of the supporting protagonists of the Spider-Man franchise. So when Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) tries to get them to leave Norman Osborn's building, as she doesn't trust him, Anya refuses to leave unless Spider-UK would as well which he wouldn't. She is also extremely intelligent. [27] She is eventually convinced that the Red Hulk did not kill Gil, but rather a target of the assassination attempt that also killed her father. [11], The pro-registration heroes have tasked Carol Danvers and Wonder Man to find Anya, convince her to register, and train her. The colors are now inverted to where the suit and soles are now white and her spider-symbol is black like Spider-Man's. Language: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. [46], As Araa, she originally possessed superhuman strength (able to lift three tons), speed, stamina, reflexes/reactions, agility, coordination, balance, and endurance. Anya is the only Web-Warrior who does not utilize web-wings. While she finds Miles' optimism annoying at times, they keep a solid friendship. The two teens flirt with one another, and Anya ends up giving her phone number to Reptil once Arcade is defeated. Araa, scarred by things that she should not have seen is transported by the new Madame Web to her residence. Araa fights a Hunter from The Sisterhood of the Wasp, who are adversaries of the Spider Society. Whilst attempting to help a mysterious man named Miguel (from the Spider Society), Anya was stabbed by a member of the Sisterhood of the Wasps. However, Black Tarantula, who had been kissed by Anya once before, recognizes and attacks her, using his own powers to reverse the mind-switch. View the profiles of people named Anya Corazon. While Anya isn't comfortable about the destruction of Caesar's Palace she remains true to her friends and looks to Spider-UK for their next move as a team. Seeing her father under a pile of rubble and the FF being taken out, she knew she had to take on the Red Hulk head on. Anya wears her white and black costume in, The spider-symbol on Anya's original costume is shaped like a skull near the bottom. After their visit, Anya and her dad returned home, thinking their move to New York City was the beginning of something new and great. For the original Spider-Girl, see: May Parker. This is similar to the. On one fateful night, she went to a bridge to fight a boy from her school. Created by Joe Quesada, Fiona Avery, and Mark Brooks, Anya Corazon debuted in 2004's Amazing Fantasy #1. Anya's father is Puerto Rican and her mother is Mexican. Personality Anya is a sarcastic, funny and really confident person. Contents 1 Appearance Karn decrees that they're defenders of the Web and than leads the pair to their sleeping quarters before the next day. Due to the Incursions that have been wiping out Universes, Anya finds herself on Battleworld with her memories altered however her connection to the Great Web causes her memories to appear randomly only to be lost as well as feeling like she doesn't belong. She also shows a lot of bravery during super villain attacks. Powers and abilities Trying to make the Red Hulk leave the scene so paramedics could help her father, she led him away from the city, taunting and punching him when she could, but above all trying to stay ahead of the monster. In an interview with, Melanie Minichino, Anya's voice actress, she said that Anya was hard on Peter at the beginning of the series because she wants to see him do well. She immediately entered into battle against The Bastards of Evil however, where she was subsequently thrown across New York by Singularity until caught by fellow super-hero Toro, the two then once more entered the fray and fought the good fight. [14], Before a battle with Doomsday Man, Ms. Marvel asks Anya to go get help if she fails to make contact by a certain time. Anya returned to school with Susan Richards as her main guardian and financing through the Future Foundation. Dan Slott and an all-star lineup of creators continue the 'Spider-Verse' revolution in 'Edge of Spider-Verse' #4, on sale September 21. Gwen is also the only one who knows about Anya keeping her powers from Spider-Island. Anya then discovered that she could summon a blue exoskeleton around herself, which gave her added endurance and strength. Anya, along with Peter and Harry, tried to find and help Gwen when she was turned into a spider monster in "Spider-Island, Part Three." [7], On her first day at Milton Summers High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Anya is friends with classmate Lynn Sakura. Later on in her apartment, she gets a text from Captain America with the "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" theme. Anya Corazon (Aa Corazon) is one of the protagonists of Marvel's Spider-Man. Anya Corazon (also known as Spider-Girl) is a student from Horizon High along with Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales and Peter Parker. Anya (Aa) Sofia Corazon Spider-Girl 5 durability 1 energy 4 fighting skills 2 intelligence 3 speed 4 strength Biography Araa is a teenage girl from Brooklyn whose father is an investigative reporter. Her bio says: Anya Corazn, alias Spider-Girl, originates from the same universe as the "Superior" Spider-Man. But with this figure, her skin, hair, and lips blend together a little too much and kind of confuse the eye. She grew up in Brooklyn and developed an interest in gymnastics, until one day, she saw a man being assaulted by a group of strange individuals. The Bastards link up a video feed of the bound and gagged heroines across televisions, computers, and cell phones throughout New York City, with the intent of executing the girls in order to build up reputations. During the fight, Miguel is killed saving Nina from a blast. [15] Although she eventually recovers, her exoskeleton is gone. When Jade wakes up, the car Jade is in is suspended by a rope over the river. Susan told Gil he probably had nothing to worry about, since she was a smart, intelligent girl who knew what she was doing, and that he should just support her as much as he could. The Sisterhood was unsuccessful, but Miguel did not survive the battle despite Spider-Man's help. Bring on the Bad Guys Part 2 (As Spider-Girl). Gil is proud to let her train with Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man. As part of her powers, an insectoid exoskeleton covers most of her body with a bug-like bluish skin. The two soon deduce the other's dual identity. We got to chat with . She tells Gil at least Carol is showing her how to grow up. . 07:23PM Eventually, after being reassigned, Anya discovers that she can read the Totem text from the scroll that her mentor had stolen from the Inheritors following the massacre of most of the Spiders by the Inheritors. I wish Anya's skintone was a few shades lighter. Spider-Man: Grim Hunt, an alternative possibility for the events of Grim Hunt begins with the decision of Spider-Man to kill Kraven. Jade thinks she's bluffing, saying "Little miss super hero won't want my death on her conscience." She is a classmate and friend of Peter Parker at Horizon High, best friends with Gwen Stacy, friends with Miles Morales , and former student of Doctor Otto Octavius. [33] Later, Anya and the Young Allies are almost beaten by Hydro-Man until Spider-Man shows up. The new Madame Web approaches Spider-Girl and tells her that for better or for worse, she has to team up with her enemy. Anya Corazon as Araa from Araa: The Heart of the Spider #1. Maria is Anya's step-sister and her major influence in her interest of science. During the Inhumanity crossover, Anya gets help from various Avengers (Spider-Woman,[38][39] Black Widow,[38][39] the Hulk,[39] and Wolverine[40]) when trying to track down her social studies teacher who was kidnapped while inside an Inhuman cocoon. A strange neighbor also kept assuring Anya that she was welcome to come over any time she wanted or needed to. Araa recently learned that Hunters (of The Spider Society) don't have an exoskeleton like she has. She is super smart, intellectual and a bit of a know-it-all. It was later revealed that the cure used in New York ended up leaving Anya with her spider powers intact and she ventured out to continue her fight as Spider-Girl. She is stopped by Ted, who tells Amun to run. In Generations, it appeared that Maria became a member of Horizon's faculty at the request of Doctor Connor's, however it was actually the Chameleon masquerading as Maria at the request of Norman Osborn creating a team to go up against the Web-Warriors. She is witty sarcastic and tomboyish young woman who is one of Peter Parker's closest friends at Horizon High School. Gil takes out a restraining order to keep Ms. Marvel away from her, but Anya secretly visits Ms. Marvel to say she is not to blame for what happened. Anya has a step-mother (unamed) and two step-sisters: Maria Corazon and Angela Corazon. She is obsessed with science and gives Peter a lot of flak (for being late). For the 2019 thriller film, see, method for resolving time travel paradoxes, "Spider-Man: Big Time Begins, 'Spider-Girl,' 'Osborn' and 'Carnage' Comics Announced", "Paul Tobin Talks Spider-Girl's End and Spider-Island Future", "Marvel Just Revealed Its Entire "All-New, All-Different" Comic Universe", "Spider-Gwen Stars In Web Warriors Launched By Mike Costa And David Baldeon", "SDCC 2010: Paul Tobin on Araa Becoming Spider-Girl", "Spider-Girl Vacations on "Spider-Island", "Looks like Anya Corazon is appearing on the 2017 Spider-Man cartoon", With great power comes great responsibility,, Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength, Marvel Comics characters who can move at superhuman speeds, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes/reactions, coordination, balance and endurance, Spider physiology: ability to stick to solid surfaces and webbing ability, Anya Corazon appears as a main character in, Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl appears in several cards in the mobile card game, Anya Corazon as Araa and Spider-Girl appear as separate playable characters in, Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl appears as a playable character in, Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl dressed in her Araa costume appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 1 May 2023, at 13:04. Anya was born in Mexico but came with her father to the United States soon after her mother died. In the Marvel Comics, Anya originally went by the name codename. In her absence, Amun seriously wounds Miguel. The 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. However, in a chance encounter, Spider-Man arrives and, after discussing her origins and adventures, tells her, "With great power comes great responsibility" and that in every age, people are called to be heroes. While friendly, Anya has no tolerance for slackers or anyone who does not take their work seriously. 3' cast and crew introduced new characters like Adam Warlock, teased Rocket's origin, shared some fun stories, and much more on the red carpet. Her cards are: Anya appears in Spider-Man Unlimited as her Spider-Girl persona. Likes She's also bilingual. At its thickest, it is resistant to small firearms. Miguel stops Anya from going after Jade with the promise that Anya can punish him afterwards. facility with Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Black Widow, where they discover the cocoon was sold and, with hulk's help, they get the name of the buyer: Dr. June Covington. She then lost those powers and instead gained new powers similar to that of Spider-Man. While the origin of her powers originates with Spider-Island in the show, it was how her powers were restored in the comic books. The encounter leaves Anya doubting her duty due to the danger it poses to her loved ones. Many fans often contribute her appearance in the series is due to Stephen Wacker being a (former) co-executive producer for. Character information Miguel and Araa would team up many times for the Spider Society to prevent the Sisterhood of the Wasps from summoning their chosen warrior. line. When she got there, a fight between the Sisterhood of the Wasps and the Spider Society left her fatally injured. Later, she found out who Peter is and forgave him for not telling him that he was Spider-Man. Anya is captured along with Julia and Madame Web while Kaine (who was dressed as Spider-Man) is sacrificed as part of a ritual for Kraven the Hunter's resurrection. In a battle in which the Sisterhood again attempted to summon their Hunter, Miguel was killed (despite Spider-Man|Spider-Man's assistance). So Spider-Man let Kraven and his family live and disappear. [19], During the Kravinoff family's hunt for "Spiders", Anya is targeted as a sacrifice. Like Jaffrey, Anya was hard on Peter due to him disappearing when needed and showed a huge annoyance due to him being a flake. Later, during a fight with Anya, Miguel, and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, Amun tells her that Amun will attack her loved ones if she opposes. Video Production by Wild Comet Media. In the, Due to Anya and Gwen's strong friendship on the show, fans have created a ship (a pairing, usually romantic, between to fictional characters) called. He thinks she's bluffing, and says, "Little miss super hero won't want my death on her conscience." Jade hypnotizes Anya into fighting Miguel, but she eventually breaks free of the control and knocks Jade out. First, breaking into an A.I.M. Ironically in Spider-Man Unmasked, Anya helps Peter created a weapon similar to the one she wields in her 6-inch figure from Hasbro's Marvel's Spider-Man Toyline. Later, she takes off with Wolverine, getting a new change of costume (adding a slit trench coat, chest protection, a hood and punching gloves to her suit). She is super smart, intellectual and a bit of a know-it-all. However, Anya's rest did not last long. It wouldn't be until Generations that their would mention of her parents (and family) at all. She shares this trait with Gwen. However, the Spiders are drained by this and this allows Norman to try and use Caesar's Palace himself. Personality Anya is a bubbly and cheerful young girl. She was glad to hear that her older sister was still on her Rainforest Research Expedition. After this battle, Anya decided it was time to head back home, and to take the superhero life just a little bit slower. Araa features in an arc of Robert Kirkman's Marvel Team-Up vol. Original Carnage host Cletus Kasady is back and more powerful and bloodthirsty than ever before! Check out all the covers and an exclusive first look! Later on, Anya joined Natasha again on a mission to investigate a tip that she had received. Anya Corazon was created by Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, writer Fiona Avery, and artist Mark Brooks, and is based on ideas J. Michael Straczynski used in his run on The Amazing Spider-Man. After the events of Spider-Island, where she was exposed to the Jackal's Spider-Virus, she was given Spider-Man's abilities after the spider bite was recreated within her. Learning its contents Anya figures out a way to win the war and she convinces Karn to defect. Near the end of the first season, she is one of the many New Yorkers who gains spider-powers due to being exposed to the Jackal's chemicals during the multi-episode "Spider-Island" story arc. Get the highlights from all the exciting news to come out of Marvel Games this month! Some time after the funeral, Susan Richards visited Anya, who then confessed to Susan that she was really Spider-Girl. On her first day at Milton Summers High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Anya Corazon is recruited by . Anya's mother died while she was still a child while her father died during the rampage of a mind-controlled Red Hulk. In the Marvel Comics, both of her parents are deceased. Mark Raxton/Molten Man Carolyn Trainer/Lady Octopus She is a reward in the PVP Tournament. She is a tough kind of girl and is shown to be tomboyish. This will be the first time in any media that Anya is featured in a story arc relating to symbiotes and bonds with one. to which she replies "No, my conscience feels fine," and lets go of the rope. It is possible Anya was a late addition to the show, due to her lack of appearances on early promotional artwork with Peter, Miles, and Gwen. Recently, Araa learned that she is not a true Hunter. Anya is fifteen years old in season one, and sixteen years old in seasons two and three. After meeting up with the rest of the Spiders who had joined the fight Anya would be sent on missions by Peter and eventually was assigned to guard Silk alongside Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy). Anya is a student atHorizon High. [24], Anya accepts the "Spider-Girl" moniker[24] and begins operating solo, although she frequently interacts with her Young Allies teammates such as Rikki as well as Spider-Man and the Invisible Woman. Bio: Anya Sofa Corazon is a 17 year old superheroine who originally went by the name Araa and had a symbiotic exoskeleton, which emanated from her spider-shaped tattoo. Originally, Araa was supposed to be known as Spider-Girl, but Marvel decided to resurrect the Amazing Fantasy brand to test the waters for a possible new series featuring Araa. Many fans have also compared Anya's character in the show to a character from the Marvel Comics, Sajani Jaffrey. [23] Both she and Rikki join the superhero group Young Allies together. In place of equipment like web-shooters or spider tracers, Araa attaches cords to discs that are about the size of her palm and have eight red legs able to grip objects. This is similar to the. Personality Maria cares a lot about her sisters, Anya and Angela, having been an influence to the former and greatly inspired by the latter. This was a big surprise to Anya, since her father had never told her about his friendship with the FF. However, when they confronted Anya they were unaware that she had been infected by the Jackal's bed bugs that gave her back not only her original spider powers but also organic webbing. Anya teamed up with Natasha and White Widow (Yelena Belova) and they, along with Lucy Nguyen and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), successfully took down the organization. Miles is also the second person she revealed her identity, Spider-Girl, too. Peter ends up blinded by a shotgun he was attempting to use on her. Spider-Girl was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the. A ritual is performed on her by giving her a spider-shaped tattoo that endows her with spider powers. custody. And so she did. Whether this is, or was, a proposed redesign is unknown. With Iron Man's help, she finds her new location where she left the body of her social studies teacher who is invisible to any kind of machine. Fans of the show have said that unlike Miles and Harry, Anya and Gwen are not as close to or know Peter that well despite being friends. Spider-Girl's Venomized formed in the show is actually based on the second design for her promotional artwork by Patrick Brown. Before taking on the Spider-Girl moniker, Anya went by the name Arana. Anya is the only Web-Warrior who does not utilize web-wings. A battle erupted and during this battle, Ms. Marvel appeared to them as Binary and defeated the Brood. Anya is very resourceful for a teenager of her age. The colours are now inverted to where the suit and soles are now white and her spider-symbol is black like Spider-Man.s. She developed a scrambler that can cut the power to anything mechanical and, with it, she helpedSpider-Mandestroy theSpider-Slayer. Anya Sofa Corazn is a 17 year old super-heroine who originally went by the name Araa and had a symbiotic exoskeleton which emanated from her spider-shaped tattoo. Chronologically, her next appearance was during the "Grim Hunt" storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man; however, her appearance in the new Young Allies series was published first. In Spider-Man Unmasked Anya and Gwen were surprised and hurt that Peter never told them that he was Spider-Man, going as far as to ignore him during their search for their friend Aleksei Sytsevich when he was turned into the Rhino again. Here are all the facts you may not know about her! She's gone by a few different aliases, such as Araa and Spider-Girl, and has taken on a . [4] With the change of moniker to Spider-Girl, she's the second published character to adopt the "Spider-Girl" alter-ego, but she actually comes prior to the first character in the chronology of the Marvel Universe. After one or two fights against the Sisterhood of the Wasp, Anya was taken out to the desert to unlock her true potential. When helping Spider-Man fight crime she suits up as the hero Spider-Girl. However, she was preceded by El Aguila, Cecilia Reyes, Feral, Firebird, Living Lightning, Skin, Spider-Man 2099, Hector Ayala, Angela del Toro, Sunspot, Rictor, and La Bandera.
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