About Us

Our Vision

Improved Healthcare by Innovation
Our vision stems from a deeper meaningful purpose from passionate minds – to improve healthcare by introduction of innovative, unique and differentiated therapeutic solutions. Our vision is built around an ambition not just to be an industry inspiration, but to be a dependable and durable partner guiding the development, manufacturing and supply of high quality pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms. As Extrovis we wish to stay true to our vision.

EXTRaOrdinary VISion results in exceptional solutions.

The EXTROVIS solutions are based on the development and consistent supply of a high quality, affordable medicine founded upon novel delivery platforms and formulations that improve efficacy, and ease of use over existing therapeutic options. Our mission also includes a drive to become a reliable, thinking partner providing high quality and innovative products that deliver value to our client partners.

At EXTROVIS, we strongly believe in the principles of Social Responsibility, and are therefore committed to providing solutions to the challenges facing governments, ensure adequate focus on unmet medical needs with Industry and Academia collaboration, healthcare providers and patients for treatment of chronic and life-threatening illnesses across the globe. Our contributions in the area of education and health to financially under privileged reinforces our social commitment.


We promise to create and add value to sustain our long-term partner alliances.